8 worst things about using a spreadsheet to manage events

On average, event sponsors and exhibitors use 4 spreadsheets to manage and track their events. But here’s the problem…spreadsheets can be hard to read. They are annoying to update. They can be tough to share with others.

Here are 8 things that stink about spreadsheets…

1. Color coding gives me a headache.

Green cells, blue cells, red cells, orange cells, purple cells, yellow cells……

2. It’s hard to report success to management.

CMO: “How many events did we sponsor this year compared to last year?

You: “If you give me a week, I’ll get back to you with the answer.”

3. It’s confusing to keep track of who did what.

Pulling off a great event relies on close collaboration. It’s critical to understand who is responsible and keeping each team member accountable.

4. Spreadsheets are hard to access when you’re on site.

You’re forced to print out copies of the event details during the event if you use spreadsheets. It’s another thing to keep track of.

5. Editing and updating spreadsheets is so manual.

Whether you are copying duplicate event details, pulling attendee data to for a presentation, or filtering sponsorship requests — it’s a lot of manual work!

6. When you have multiple spreadsheets coordinating is even tougher.

One for budget tracking. One for tasks. One for inventory. One for last year’s events. It’s all too much!

7. Looking for info when your colleague is on vacation

We’ve all been there. Your event is in 2 days but your missing the contact info of the event organizer. Who has it? Your marketing manager, and she is on vacation in Aruba.

8. Screaming when your spreadsheet freezes.

You’ve spent the last 3 hours adding the event’s agenda and boom…you lose everything!

Want to learn about how to transform your event spreadsheets into a beautiful, easy-to-use dashboard? Check out HelloSponsor’s product page.

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