ALWAYS ask for an attendee list

So your team is considering exhibiting at an industry trade show. You’re clicking around the event organizer’s website trying to determine if your target audience will be in attendance, and come across a logo page highlighting companies that have attended previous shows. While these shiny logos may seem enticing, they provide no guarantee that those companies will be back this year. 

This is a good time to reach out to the event organizer and ask for an attendee list. This simple ask is surprisingly effective, especially when done over the phone. If the event organizer truly believes that they have the right audience for you, they will be more than inclined to send it to you. And what if they don’t send you the attendee list?

Here’s two quick solutions:

1) Reach out to the other sponsors/exhibitors to learn more about their previous experience at the event

2) Research the event organizer’s following on social media, such as Twitter.

It’s not worth spending the time or money at unqualified events. Asking for the attendee list is a good first step. And if you receive the list but decide not to attend the event — at least you have a new lead list.

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