To sponsor or not to sponsor? Twitter can help.

There are plenty of factors when considering whether you want to sponsor an event. Every sponsorship has different objectives — lead generation to brand awareness — but the key is to ensure that your target audience will actually be at the event. While asking for an attendee list is a must before any event, event organizers won’t always give it to you. So here’s another quick way to develop a sense about the types of attendees expected at an event: Review the job titles of the event’s Twitter followers.

Reviewing the job titles of an event’s followers gives you a glimpse of what type of people are part of that organization’s network.

Here’s how:

1) Go to the event’s twitter page.

2) Click on their followers.

3) Search for a keyword on Twitter that matches the job title who you are trying to connect with.

4) See how many times that keyword matches.



For example, lets say my company sells a service to startup founders and CEOs, and I am considering sponsoring a hackathon. Go to the hackathon’s Twitter page, run a search on twitter for the words “startup founder”. You’ll quickly see how many of their followers matches your marketing criteria from their twitter bio. This tactic will also give you a sense of the other interests those followers.

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